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Landing Page Deals

Removing excuses of not having a site

Landing pages fall into three categories.

  • Data capture. This is where you want to start when you really aren’t sure what you are going to do with a site. This is your basic email list building type of approach.
  • Questions. These sites are when you have an idea, but need to ask questions to fine tune it before launch. Or maybe you have a newsletter community and your wanting to take that to the next level.
  • Selling. When you have things to sell, but don’t want to do a full site -this is an excellent solution.

Sample Sites

Sample of the Honey Pot Product. This is what you use when you are doing research, pre-promoting an event, trying to build a community. etc. Your main focus is data capture of people interested in your idea, concept, product, or service.


Sample of Honey Pot Pro. when you need to ask questions of potential customers or to build a community without yet knowing what you are selling. This includes advanced form options of Surveys and much more. This is a functioning site where you can get weekly AI Tips for free.


Sample of Honey Pot Max. When you want to do it all. Capture leads. Ask and answer questions. Book meetings. Sell things!

Order Now. Have it up and running in just a few days….

Honey Pot

Data Capture


Single Page to capture leads only

1 year domain registration

1 year hosting

1 year SSL

Basic form functionality

Basic SEO structure

10% discounts on additional services

Honey Pot Pro

Data Capture & CRM


Capture leads and communicate with CRM

Everything in Honey Pot

Advanced Form Features

Advanced SEO structure

Basic CRM functionality

Sales and Marketing suggestions to grow your audience and revenues

20% discounts on additional services

Honey Pot Max

Data Capture, CRM, and Scheduling


Capture leads, communicate with CRM, and schedule meetings

Everything in Honey Pot Pro

Advanced CRM functionality

Allow customers to schedule and book a time with you

Advanced SEO structure and Monthly tracking of Rankings in top search Engines

Ability to integrate online purchases via the forms

On private session every 3 months

50% discounts on additional services

Or, if you are ready for an affordable full site – we have those, too.