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Curiosity is the compass that leads us to new discoveries, and you’ve got it in spades. If you’re the kind of person who likes to peek behind the curtain or understand how the magic happens, our “Learn More” page is just for you. It’s crafted for those who seek the nitty-gritty, the backstory, the ABCs of their online presence.

Here, you’ll find the detailed blueprint of how can transform your digital footprint. From the technology that powers your site to the support that keeps it thriving, we lay it all out. Because knowing more means growing more – and we’re here to help you bloom.

Foundations First – The ABCs of Starting Your Site

Embarking on your online adventure begins with the basics, just like the first steps of a nature hike. Every website has its groundwork, the digital soil from which it grows. At, we guide you through selecting a domain name that’s as unique as your fingerprint, choosing a design that fits like your favorite jacket, and crafting content that resonates like an old song. We’re here to ensure that your online basecamp is solid, so you can reach the peaks of your digital dreams. We use Namecheap to host and secure your domain.

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Cub Starter PackGrizzly Growth PlanPolar Prestige PackageGrizzly Elite
Domain Registration, 1 year SSLEverything in Cub Starter PackEverything in GrizzlyEverything in Polar
Hosting in monthly fee1 monthly SEO friendly post2 month SEO Friendly PostsScope of project is defined prior to launch
1 email account2 email accounts3 email accounts
Basic FormE-commerce up to 5 products/servicesE-commerce up to 20 Products Services
Basic CRMAdvanced FormsSocial Media Advanced
Properly sized imagesAdvanced CRMSEO strategy Advanced
Proper Site speedBonus PluginsScheduling Calendar 1 user
Proper SecuritySocial Media Strategy BasicOne Video Post Per Month
20% discounts on additional servicesSEO Strategy BasicOnline Business Plan

Understanding the process

Questions prior to purchase

Email us with any questions prior to purchase for these packages.

  1. Cub Starter Pack – $50 a month: Perfect for those just starting out, with all the bear necessities to establish a paw-print online.
  2. Grizzly Growth Plan – $150 a month: Ideal for growing businesses ready to expand their territory and attract more forest friends.
  3. Polar Prestige Package – $350 a month: For businesses that need robust features and support to dominate the digital tundra.

Schedule a video chat if you are looking for a site with more than 3 pages talk to use about the Grizzly Elite

After Purchase

After you purchase one of the packages we will setup a 30 minute video chat to go over the details of your site. In that chat we will identify a domain name that will work best for your goals. We will then secure that domain via Namecheap and host it on Namecheap.

We will put up basic content for your three pages and offer a theme option that we think is a match.

After approval we will put up more detailed content.

After your final approval we will setup Google Analytics for your account.

After Launch

We will help you to maximize the benefit of the site with individually tailored suggestions. If you need upgrades and/or additions beyond your package, let us know. We will identify any additional add-on fees. Once approved we will integrate them for you.

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