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Honey Pot Landing Pages

Removing excuses of not having a site

Honey Pot Landing Pages

Honey Pot Landing Page Packages

Launching your landing page early in 2024 is a great idea. It will help you do well all year and be ready for a strong Q4.

Search engines take about three months to fully set up your site. This time is important to show that your site is good and trustworthy.

Our packages – Honey Pot, Honey Pot Pro, and Honey Pot Max – fit different needs. Honey Pot is a good start. Honey Pot Pro adds more. Honey Pot Max is the most complete.

Start in early 2024. Use the first three months to build trust. By Q4, you’ll be ready to succeed. Let’s make 2024 a great year for your website.

We have three Honey Pot landing Page Packages

Creating Landing Pages in Q1 2024

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Honey Pot Sample Site – when you just need to capture email address and have simple follow up via email.

Honey Pot Pro Sample Site – when you need to ask questions of potential customers or to build a community without yet knowing what you are selling. This includes advanced form options of Surveys and much more.

Honey Pot Max Sample Site – When you want to do it all. Capture leads. Ask and answer questions. Book meetings. Sell things!

Honey Pot

Data Capture


Single Page to capture leads only

1 year domain registration

1 year hosting

1 year SSL

Basic form functionality

Basic SEO structure

10% discounts on additional services

Honey Pot Pro

Data Capture & CRM


Capture leads and communicate with CRM

Everything in Honey Pot

Advanced Form Features

Advanced SEO structure

Basic CRM functionality

Sales and Marketing suggestions to grow your audience and revenues

20% discounts on additional services

Honey Pot Max

Data Capture, CRM, and Scheduling


Capture leads, communicate with CRM, and schedule meetings

Everything in Honey Pot Pro

Advanced CRM functionality

Allow customers to schedule and book a time with you

Advanced SEO structure and Monthly tracking of Rankings in top search Engines

Ability to integrate online purchases via the forms

On private session every 3 months

50% discounts on additional services

🍯 ‘Honey Pot’ Landing Pages: Sweet Success Without the Sting!

Hey, digital explorers! 🐻 Have you heard about our ‘Honey Pot’ landing pages and thought, “Wait, isn’t that a techie trap?” Fear not! In the BearNecessity forest, ‘Honey Pot’ means something totally pawsome and positively bear-illiant!

🌼 Sweet Attraction, No Deception: Forget cyber traps; our Honey Pots are all about attracting your audience with the sweet allure of engaging content. It’s like a beehive of activity minus the bees – no stings attached!

🐝 Buzzing with Nurturing Goodness: Just as bees use honey to nurture their hives, our Honey Pot pages nurture your leads with everything delightful. Think of it as digital nectar, feeding your business growth with every click!

🌱 Pure, Natural, and Bear-Approved: Pure as forest honey, our Honey Pot pages are crafted with clarity and simplicity. No tricky business, just bear-y good design and content that’s as natural as a walk in the woods.

🌲 Richness in Every Drop: Dive into a pot filled with the richness of potential leads. It’s a treasure trove of opportunities, sweeter than a bear’s first honey find of the season!

So, let’s spread the honey on thick and turn your landing page into a buzzing hive of success. Our Honey Pot isn’t just a name; it’s a promise of something bear-y special!

Here’s how many days that are left in Q1 2024


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Honey Pot Landing Page Packages
Honey Pot Landing Pages

Launching your landing page early in 2024 is a great idea. It will help you do well all year and be …

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Coupon Code LAND10 gives you 10% off on orders before February 15, 2024