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Not your circus, not your monkey

Not Your Circus, Not Your Monkeys: 24 Social Missteps We’re All Too Wise For

Not your circus, not your monkeys. In the vast, wild world of social media, where a sneezing panda can amass more followers than a Nobel laureate, and your next-door neighbor’s dog has its own skincare routine hashtag, a peculiar trend runs rampant, more tenacious than the lure of adding yet another streaming service to your…
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Honey Pot Landing Page Packages

Honey Pot Landing Pages

Launching your landing page early in 2024 is a great idea. It will help you do well all year and be ready for a strong Q4. Search engines take about three months to fully set up your site. This time is important to show that your site is good and trustworthy. Our packages – Honey…
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sample post

Sample Site

Understand this is one of our sample sites. It explains the reasoning behind the three pages that you need to be successful. Remember, most people fail because they don’t create a sustainable foundation. Yes, you can always add more, but does it make a difference? Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Let us help you find a…
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Website packages

Our Packages

We have four packages designed to match your monthly budget. Schedule a call for Grizzly Elite Package Benefits

Bear websites

Guess what…

Why I don’t know I’m asking you. Welcome to – Your Simple Start to Being Seen Online! In today’s world, a website is your window to the wider world. At, we make the process as simple and friendly as a handshake. No technical jargon, no overwhelming options—just a straightforward path to your…
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